Posted: June 12, 2012 in Politics/Current issues

Its is the second day of mourning announced by the president around the country after the sudden death of internal security minister George Saitoti, his assistant Orwa Ojode and four others in a chopper crash in the Ngong hills.  So many messages of condolences have been pouring in from leaders and Kenyans from all over the world and country with all full of praise for the fallen Kenyans leaders on their dedication towards serving the country.

The questions that keep lingering in the minds of Kenyans as they try to come to terms with this shocking loss is, did they have to leave us so soon?

Just before their encountered their deaths, the tow leaders had attended a forum on peaceful elections in Mombasa organized by parliament. And it is vividly remembered how prof. Saitoti emphasized the need for having peace come the next general elections. Saitoti said the world was watching and Kenyans were not ready to go back into what they went through during the 2007/08 general elections. He knew so well that all this was under his security ministry docket, working hand in hand with his tough-talking assistant Orwa Ojode.

This in itself showed how dedicated the tow ministers were in their work. Saitotis’ plans in the ministry of security was a clear indication of the great visions and aspirations he had for a peaceful country come the next general elections putting in mind that he had also an eye for the top seat.  Their deaths are indeed a big blow to the country with the ongoing war in Somalia on the alshabaab terror group which has been threatening our countries security after they were linked to several grenade attacks in various parts of the country.

As join hands to celebrate their lives we should honor them in an immense way.  As the prime minister said during the emergency cabinet meeting called by the president ensuring peaceful elections is the best gif we could give to the leaders.  Our leaders should therefore be in the forefront in propagating for the same especially during their political campaigns which have hit top gear currently.  They should make sure that the two ministers’ wishes for a peaceful elections and country are fulfilled.  The worst thing the country can go through is going into another violence which led to an economic fall and loss of lives and deaths with thousands of others being displaces.

As Kenyans we should also remain calm and desist from leaders who promulgate hate speech which in the end results to violence.  As the general elections also first approach, we should elect leaders who will be ambassadors of peace with enormous visions for a peaceful country and any other elections juts like the two leaders.

God bless Kenya and May the souls rest in eternal peace.

Nixon Kanali, Nairobi





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