Kenya; a grief-stricken nation

Posted: June 15, 2012 in Politics/Current issues

The country is indeed in a grief-stricken mood, it has been a depressing week for most Kenyans who are trying to come to terms with recent loss of Kenyans from different divides in the country. First it was the building that collapsed in Mlolongo area of Nairobi, burying innocent Kenyans under it. So many lives nearing thirty were feared trapped in the debris.  Then came a more scandalous one, a Sunday morning of around 9:30 pm, the news hits the country.

It was a normal Sunday with most Kenyans probably crying out loud to the almighty God for a peaceful country, praying for our leaders, the political class among so many other things. Then the pastor or church elder stands up to announce the news “a chopper is said to have crashed in the Ngong hills and it is feared that the internal security minister and his assistant are dead” for me that is how I received the news and so were some of my friends I talked to after hearing the news.

The news, hit me like a thunderbolt and from that onwards I could not concentrate in church. I grab my mobile phone and the first person I think of asking is my fellow blogger and personal friend Dennis Lubanga since I knew he must be at home glued to his television set. I send him a text message inquiring on what’s trending in the country and it is here that he drops the bombshell. It had been confirmed, the internal security and provincial administration minister Prof. George Saitoti his Assistant Joshua Orwa Ojode, their bodyguards one Mr. Thomas Murimi and inspector Tonkei and the captains of the ill-fated plane, captains Luke Oyugi and Nancy Gatuanja had perished in a chopper crash. Apparently the two leaders were headed to Homa Bay in Ndiwa, Ojodes’ constituency for a church fundraiser.

Their deaths shocked the nation considering that the two were very close friends and together they held onto the taut rope of friendship until snapped by death minutes into their flight.

Speaking an emergency meeting called by the president, Transport minister Amos Kimunya said the helicopter took off normally at 8:32 am, the control tower last spoke to the pilot at 8: 38, six minutes after take off and it is this six-minute window that holds the key to the mystery of the crash.  The police helicopter, registration number 5Y CDT had left Wilson airport and the control tower lost track of it at exactly 8:42.

As this revelation come into the open, so many questions continue to linger in the minds of Kenyans over just what happened. According to Kimunya and reports from the police, the aircraft was new having been manufactured last year and had done only 32 hours before it was registered in the country.   The manufactures also say that the helicopter had been manufactured to function even in harsh weather conditions ruling out any speculations that the crash could have been caused by harsh weather conditions and the Mr.Kimunya reiterated the same saying the weather was fine, and also the pilots were competent having received their training in south Africa.

So was it sabotage, failure or human error? Those are the questions that will keep going on through the minds of Kenyans as investigations to determine the real cause of the accident


















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