Kenyans have little to celebrate about democracy since independence

Posted: June 15, 2012 in Politics/Current issues

The country on 1st June celebrated 49 years of self governance since independence and as Kenyans gathered in various parts of the country to commemorate this day, they had so much and little to celebrate. The country has come a long way and we are happy to have the new constitution in place.

The celebrations also come just a week after several attacks have been reported in the country, recent ones being one on a building along Moi avenue in Nairobi and another in Wajir which left more than 30 people injured and one person dead in both explosions. It also comes when the country was also trying to come terms with a tragic road accident in west Pokot which left 17 people dead.  This is leaving so many questions linger in our minds as Kenyans.

Coming out of the colonial masters’ hand was the best gift Kenyan got during the colonial era. This meant that for once our country was going to be democratic.  This self governance is what the country has continued to live on until now when we are celebrating 49 years of self governance.

Unfortunately, as citizens we are yet to fully enjoy the fruits of democracy. We seem to be making little or no strides on the same. Corruption, impunity, negative ethnicity, unemployment, poor leadership among others has continued to haunt the country’s move towards democracy.

Self governance meant that as citizens we were going to enjoy and benefit from our local resources, but this is not the case. Sadly, only those at the top seem to be gaining from the people. A recent case being the National Health Insurance scam, the Kazi kwa Vijana initiative, the national housing co-operation scandal and the youth fund. All this schemes aimed at creating development for Kenyans have sadly have seen millions of shillings, some from donor funding end up in peoples pockets without accomplishing their intended purpose, Something which should leave us Kenyans, especially youths like me a worried lot. 

Our leaders have continued to practice impunity, always putting their interest at heart.  Political impunity has continued to straddle our country, a country that inspires both hope and utter despair in the same breath, A country that boast of sportsmen and women, entrepreneurs and students who continue to excel internationally. This is what plunged our country into the 2007-2008 which left thousand of people dead and displaced, some of whom continue suffering in camps until now under the governments watch.  These are the same leaders who continue to fall under their ethnic blogs promoting negative ethnicity across the country. The emergence ethnic groupings like the KAMATUSA, the GEMA and also the cropping up of illegal groups like the Mombasa Republican Council (MRC), the Mungiki is something to worry about. Rather than fighting to disband these groups, the same leaders seem to be making different statements some of which amounting to their support for the illegal groups. For the prime minister to come out and say that the language the MRC is speaking, the language of secession is his language, then we have a long way to go.

Poor leadership is also a full-size problem that is pulling the country away from enjoying democracy. The woes that have continue to befall our country in recent years, from unemployment, recent disasters like the grenade attacks, flooding the list is endless is all because of poor leadership where our leaders have continue to be selfish leaving Kenyans to suffer in poverty.

As we celebrated Madaraka day, it was clear that we are not yet enjoying the fruits of democracy even after getting a new constitution. Our country continues to be governed by people who only want to satisfy their political ambitions and self interests.

But as a young Kenyan youth, I can say with a certain that we still have a long way to go as a country, especially in matters of insecurity, leadership and our leaders who have plunged us into all this woes should now start looking over their shoulders, especially as we come closer into the next genera elections.

Nixon Kanali, Nairobi



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