Posted: June 21, 2012 in Politics/Current issues

former Harambee stars coach Francis Kimanzi


They say football is the most watched game throughout the world, from Africa to America and all other continents throughout the world. So many countries boast of having the best football teams and players who play in the most competitive leagues in the world. Africa has not been left behind either. As the Coca-Cola advert goes “for every five players playing in European league, one is African” sound true 

My worry however goes to Kenyan football which seems to be going down the drain each passing day particularly with our national team, The Harambee star which was recently bundled out of the African cup qualifier after loosing 1-0 to Togo. This loss also came after the team had lost with same margin to Namibia in a world-cup qualifier. While our local league, the Kenya Premier league (KPL) continue to thrive, our national team is completely the contradictory under the management of Football Kenya Federation (FKF) with Sam Nyamwea and Sammy Sholei as the chairman and vice chairman respectively.

Upon arrival from Togo on Tuesday, Football Kenya Federation fired the entire Harambee Stars technical bench on what they termed as a string of poor performance by the team. The federation removed Francis Kimanzi as head coach and ironically appointed him as the new technical director, while his assistants Francis Barasa and Yussuf Chipo were sent home. FKF also among its changes moved Patrick Naggi to the new position of Executive Officer.

This new move seem to have not gone well with the FKF vice-chair Sammy Sholei who has come out strongly dismissing the appointments saying he was not consulted. Sholei says the appointments were done secretly in a Nairobi hotel with the chairman Sam Nyamwea and some members of the national executive council and that he only heard of the appointments form the media.  What is worrying most is his revelations that his boss, the chairman is not even picking his calls.

For a long time now, the management of Kenyan football has been worrying. First it was the wrangles of the former Football Kenya Limited (FKL) and the Football Kenya Federation who were all fighting for the management of football in the country. This even forced the world football governing body FIFA to come in. The situation being seen now is not different from the past.

When the new chairman and the other officials came into office after years of wrangles, Kenyan football fans thought finally a new life had been brought in Kenyan football. Unfortunately, things are getting worse. The poor management and the current differences being experienced by the chairman and his assistants should leave us more worried as Kenyan football fans. How do we expect the national team to perform well if the same people managing it do not seem to agree on certain crucial issues?

Well, unless as an African country we want to reach greater heights of football like Nigeria, Cameroon among others then we still have a long way to go,

Something really has to be done. The football management needs to borrow a leaf from the Athletics Kenya which has continued to flourish in various international races.

Nixon Kanali, Nairobi Kenya

Former harambee stars coach Francis Kimanzi






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