Posted: June 24, 2012 in Politics/Current issues


The country’s security systems came to the limelight yet again. The last two days has seen some people arrested in Mombasa and Nairobi after they were found to be in possession of chemicals believed to be used in making explosives. The United States government has also come out clearly saying it has enough proof to believe terrorists are planning a terror attack at the coastal town in July. It even went ahead to warn its citizens and government officials residing in Kenya to avoid the town at all costs.

This new revelations should send a very strong message to the government and Kenyans in general. It should also leave us, as Kenyans a very worried lot. All this terror alerts are attributed to the ongoing war on Somalia by our Kenya defense force to wipe out the alshabaab terror group which has claimed responsibility for previous attacks in various parts of the country

It is however so sad that while the KDF is doing all it can to wipe out this terror group, there are sympathizers who are working with this group.  The people arrested with the chemicals are Kenyans and one only wonders why they should do that.

But even as we try to come to terms with these new expositions on terrorism one question is how much are we prepared and what mechanisms have been put in place to the ensure the said attacks do not take place. Are we going to sit down as a country and wait to see what will happen? What is the government and the citizen doing to ensure he/she is safe? Those are the questions that should be going through the mind of every Kenyan right now.

As a country we have suffered enough in the hands of terror groups. Innocent lives have been lost, properties of unknown value destroyed and Kenyans should not sit down and wait.  The back stops with us as citizens of this country. As much as it is the responsibility of the government to ensure that enough security measures are put in place, we as citizens also have a role to play.  We should be aware of our surrounding and suspicious characters around us. People entering crowded places, building housing businesses, hotels and even churches should be seriously be checked. We should see more of what we are seeing now where some of the gadgets used by security officers even don’t work.

The country is also approaching the tourism season where tourists from across the world visit the country with Mombasa always being their destination. With the new warning from the United States government, tourist are going to be scared of visiting the country which might be a very big blow to the country’s tourism sector.  The government should therefore deploy more security officers at the coastal town to ensure tourist of their security.

We should also put in mind that we are approaching an electioneering period and security is of utmost importance. The government should start working to ensure that the country is safe and sound from now to the election year. And it starts with clearing such terrorism activities in the country

More investigations should also be done on the confiscated explosive making chemicals. There just could be more of it out there and the police should also dig deeper into finding where the explosives are made and what there intended purpose really was.

The acting security minister, who is also the defense minister Yusuf Haji therefore has a tough job ahead and should ensure that he doest his best to ensure the country, is safe from terror attacks.

Nixon Kanali, Nairobi



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