Can the Kenyan government and the political class get serious enough and take responsibility for the state of insecurity in the country?

Posted: July 2, 2012 in Politics/Current issues

Has the government really failed in security? This was after a twin grenade attacks that were experienced on Sunday in two different churches in Garissa. The incident left sixteen lives lost and more than forty injured. This was indeed a dark Sunday for the innocent worshippers and the attacks came just weeks after another one was experienced in the coastal town.

This should really put the government on spot. For how long are Kenyans going to die on their own land from these attacks. It is now clear grenade attacks are becoming a normal occurrence in the country. The government has always been coming out with the same assurance of providing security but this is not the case. It is high time the government walked the talk.

The president came out and strongly condemned the attacks promising that the culprits will be brought to book.

Prior to the previous Mombasa attack, the United States government had come out to warn of an impending attack. What followed next was a harsh reaction from the government terming the US government move as uncalled for. The government said it had not been consulted by the US government before the statement was made. What followed next was the grenade attack which left Kenyans puzzled. The government took the US warning lightly and before they knew it, innocent lives had been lost.

Garrissa has been the biggest casualty of these imminent attacks probably due to its closeness to the Kenya-Somali border. Day in day out, residents from this part of the country have to live in fear not knowing where the next attack will come from. What has the government done to avert these scaring situations? As usual, the same statements have been issue.

Kenyans want to see more action from the government on this terror attacks. The fact that the US government warned of a terror attack in Mombasa did not mean that the attacks were only going to happen at the coastal town. The government should have realized that the country was insecure and something really had to be done.

It should also be seen that these attacks are happening when the country is preparing for the general elections. When our leaders who should be addressing this issue are so preoccupied selling their political ambitions to Kenyans. Politics has taken center stage and our leaders have really forgotten that the country is in a bad state.  Yesterdays Garissa attacks for example dominated the political gatherings with each political aspirant condemning it and calling for speedy actions. At some instances, I sadly watched some politicians say “The government should look into the matter seriously” Dujis Mp even went to the extent of calling on the government to withdraw its forces from Somali. Just who is the government? Aren’t they not the government themselves? 

The issue of insecurity is not the responsibility of the internal security ministry or the police alone. Every ministry, politician and even the citizen has a role to play.  This is the saddest moment the country is going through with the unprecedented manner in which these attacks are happening. We have heard enough. Can the government and the political get serious enough and take responsibility for the state of insecurity in the country?

Nixon Kanali, Nairobi


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