Posted: July 2, 2012 in Politics/Current issues

Parliament had passed a bill last week on the academic credentials for one to find his way to parliament as an MP. For those aspiring for the next general elections, a degree is mandatory. This decision was later squashed by the president after he refused to sign the bill into law citing pending court cases on the same.

The degree requirement decision however continues to elicit mixed reaction from across the political divide and citizens in general. Some are in support of it while others say it is a selfish idea by the MPs to lock out other people from contesting in next years elections.

But come to think of it, does your MP have a degree? A high percentage of my fellow Kenyans really don’t know even the academic background of the people they elect in office to represent them.

My elders, parents, lectures and people from my professional back ground, even the presidents says in this modern world you cannot go anywhere without education. Probably that is why the president is putting so much emphasis on education and even deciding to provide free primary and secondary education for Kenyans.  Most job offers appearing in our local dailies also put so much weight on education credentials apart from other requirements, with most employers seeking to hire degree holders. That is why you find young people, especially from the Y-Generation who have done certificate and Diploma courses getting locked out of the job market and are struggling to join universities to advance their education by enrolling for degree courses in their various courses of specialization.

This is not a different case with our Kenyan political leadership. As the electorate, we are the bosses and the people we elect in parliament are our workforce (which ironically is the vice versa). How as a boss can you hire a person who does not meet the qualifications to be part of your human resource. This only means you are hiring an incompetent member of staff and what are the consequences?  He or she will go all the way to bring down your company; you will not realize any profits, poor management and will always be clashing with his bosses and co-workers. He or she will be only thinking about how he is going to benefit from the company’s profits leaving your consumers unsatisfied. When a consumer becomes discontented with your services or products, he or she completely looses trust in your company and drifts away.

This is exactly what we are going through with the leaders we elected in our previous and current parliament and any other public office. Any Kenyan can attest to this, instead of being proud to be Kenyans tunavumilia kuwa wakenya. At times we have to hide our sad faces behind those great athletes who are making our country proud in international races while in the real sense we are suffering.

Education helps one to think big and so Kenyans, let these politicians go back to school and get that Degree you yourself is struggling to get before you can hire him back to your company, that is parliament

Nixon Kanali, Nairobi


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