Posted: July 6, 2012 in Politics/Current issues

Last Sunday’s attacks which have been so severe in recent days in two different churches in Garisa town must have sent a very strong message to the government which has been faulted for its inability to provide security for its citizens.  The attacks left nearly 17 people dead and more than fourty injured and the terror group Alshabaab has already claimed responsibility for the attacks while initially the prime minister and other politicians who visited the area had blamed religious conflicts between the Muslims and Christians.


The government in response to these attacks has through the acting security minister who is also the Defense minister Yusuf Haji posted 700 police officers to Garissa town.  This new act has also seen top security bosses from the town transferred and there place taken by other security bosses from other counties.


Even as the government does this, one only wonders if finally the war on terrorism is being given the seriousness it deserves. Is the step taken by the government going to bear fruits and is it the best move taken?  These attacks came just after the United States government had warned of a terror attack in Mombasa and also the Israel government had also claimed that Iran was plotting attacks in Kenya. What message should this statements Kenyans wake up to every day of terror plots send to both the government and citizens? It means Kenya has now become a new hub for terrorists and terror activities which should leave us a worried lot. Why have this terror groups suddenly developed interest in Kenya to the extent of attacking places of worship like churches, this really borders on sadism. They probably have realized the country’s security system has plunged down and that’s why they easily find there way through our country’s borders and airports

Very important issues like security have taken center stage in politics especially with the elections first approaching. Unlike our politicians who are given maximum security and even assigned bodyguards, a normal citizen cannot even afford a single police officer to guard his or her village. Recent attacks have seen politicians come to condemn them promising they will never happen, but they don’t walk the talk. Their political campaigns have seen them state that they are going to prioritize national security. Why don’t they do that now with the current wave of attacks?


The Garissa attacks have now seen the government shift focus to the town with these new deployments. Apart from Garisa, the government should also look into securing other towns. These attacks could happen in any other town as these terror groups seem to have roots all over. During a press conference to announce the deployment of the security officers, the defense minister stated that this time round they are not going to leave any stone unturned. Something which the president reiterated during saying they country will not be intimated by any terror group.  One only hopes that this indeed will happen.


The government has also put so many resources in the war in Somalia, and the Kenyan forces have gone a notch hire to securing the heart of alshabaab. A commendable job indeed by our defense forces and this is the reason why our country has been placed under siege by this terror group. Recently, an MP suggested the removal of our forces as prerequisite to ending the current wave of attacks; this is an empty rhetoric that will make matters worse for our country.


The same efforts the government is putting in the war in Somali should also be put internally to ensure we are safe as a country. The political class, the citizens and the government should be on the forefront in propagating for security in their areas of representation, from county to national level.


Nixon Kanali, Nairobi


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