Posted: July 6, 2012 in Politics/Current issues


Narc-Kenya leader and presidential president just the other day launched her presidential campaign secretariat to scale up her bid for the top seat, she went further to setting up her campaign squad which included a 10-member youthful squad with Hussein Muhammed, the CEO of Extreme Sports as the manager of Martha Karua 2012 Campaign Secretariat. Karua further went ahead to take appoint one Dr. Sammy Thenya to take charge of the campaign boars.

Even as she unveiled her campaign strategy, one question remained lingering in my mind and all other youthful Kenyans out there. Is Kenya really ready for a female president? If only I had the chance to sit down and share with her visions for the country

Christened the iron-lady of Kenyan politics, Karua has proven herself to be a man among women both inside and outside parliament.

Her key issues, which she has promised to focus on her campaign manifesto are: restoration of constitualism, education, food security, job creation, universal healthcare and foreign policy. All these key issues of national importance which have been given little or no attention by previous and current government are what Martha promises to give priority. Previous regimes have always been giving empty promises in their manifestos which were never implemented. This is what has plunged our country in recent woes that have been affecting our country and citizens. Young people whom the government had promised to create jobs for continue to suffer in villages and in our slums.

The most critical issue she promises to look into is also constitutionalism.  During last years referendum saw Kenyans overwhelmingly for the new constitution and Martha was among those in the YES team who fought for Kenyans to get this constitution. Finally, Kenyans were living in a new country and the new constitution was seen as a new birth for our dear country. Unfortunately, the same constitution the same constitution continues to be manipulated by greedy politicians out to serve their selfish interests through enactment of bills. Casing point being the recent passage of a bill to allow party hopping which is illegal under the political parties act.

Karua has been on the forefront in the floor of parliament opposing selfish these moves. This can also be attested through his party, Narc-Kenya where Mps like Mike Mbuvi Sonko sent parking for indiscipline.

She says she is running for the presidency to defend the constitution as a framework which guarantees all Kenyans a life of dignity and equality. Is this not a dream being desired by every young, jobless and poor young people like me for our country? Where everyone, regardless of his or her position in society has an equal place and opportunity in the country. What has the previous leadership, courtesy men with big stomachs who are going out talking about reforms yet they have nothing to show done to deserve another chance in our country’s leadership? Nothing, nothing at all

Well, being a woman Martha understands what our dear country really wants and just like my beautiful mum always tells me, “mums are always right”. So Dear Martha to me you stand out to be the best candidate and the country is really and indeed ready for a woman president and that is your Martha, u got my vote.

Nixon Kanali, Nairobi

+ 254 727 503198


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