The countrys’ economic state will depend on the kind of leaders we elect in office

Posted: July 30, 2012 in Politics/Current issues

A survey done by a research firm Infotrack Harris and released the other day showed that most Kenyans worry about the state of the economy above everything else. According to the research, 52 percent of Kenyans are so much concerned about various aspects of the economy that affect their earnings and expenditure. 

The poll further says that 16 percent worry about inflation, unemployment, 14 percent infrastructure, 8 percent poverty while five percent worry about food security.

These new poll revelations should send a very strong message to the Kenyan leaders who are so busy campaigning for the next general elections which are just around the corner. Inflation, unemployment which is so rampant among the Kenyan youths,  poverty eradication and food security are one of the key sectors of the country’s economy that these leaders should be working on to include in their manifestos.

For a long time now, since the country got independence and became a republic, Kenyans have been suffering. I must agree that we have come along way especially in terms infrastructure development, but this is not enough.  As much as we are boasting of great roads, modern building, still Kenyans continue languishing in poverty and unemployment. Despite being an agriculture fed country, still the state of our food security is worrying. This is why we still have Kenyans dying of hunger during droughts just because the country has no enough food to feed them hence depending on donor support.

The gap between the poor and the rich seems to be widening each passing day. Survival for the fittest is the order of the day and this is attributed by the country’s leadership. Those in authority continue living large through dubious corrupt activities while the poor Kenyan continues languishing in poverty.

With the campaigns now in top gear, the politicians are now moving round the country trying to woe the poor electorate to vote for him or her. We should therefore be on the look out, what does this politician stand for? Is she or he the change the country wants? Will he get the country out of the woes that have befallen our dear country in recent days?  The fact that this leader has been holding that political office for so many years is not enough to qualify him to be elected to the next government. Throughout his or her tenure in the government what has he or she done for you? How many corruption related scandals has he been involved in and this where the issue of integrity comes out.

As a third world country, our growth totally depends on our country’s leadership. No country can grow if its leaders on think of their selfish ambitions and do nothing but politics at the time when they are supposed to be working for their citizens. The country’s economy will continue dwindling at the expense of these same leaders.

As we prepare for the elections, let us not allow ourselves to be manipulated by empty promises.  Lets us carefully analyze these candidates before giving them an ok to lead our country. This is the only way in which we can stop worrying about the state of the economy which defines how we live in future as a country.





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