Attack on Fisheries Minister act of hooliganism and terror

Posted: October 5, 2012 in Politics/Current issues

Yesterday’s attack on fisheries minister Amason Kingi during a political rally in  Mutwapa Mombasa by people suspected to be members of MRC should not be taken lightly. The attack left four people dead among them a bodyguard to the minister. The act which can only be referred to an act of hooliganism and should be condemned with the highest terms possible

One only wonders why people would go to the extent of snatching out pangas and threatening a peaceful meeting. Reports suggest that the attackers were chanting slogans stating that no elections would be conducted at the coast. Fingers are now pointing to the Mombasa Republican Council who have always been calling for secession saying they will not allow elections to be conducted at the coastal region.

It is high time the government treated these attacks and the MRC issue with the seriousness it deserves. If we are already experiencing such attacks during this campaign period, what of during the elections?  The government should start working towards scuttling these dubious acts before the elections.  The country’s peace especially at the coast and security situation is at risk if the government continues treating issues raised by the MRC and security matters lightly.

We have been going through so much recently I relation to security, the Alshabaab terror attacks being a major one and the last thing we would like to see is other issues threatening the peace and security situations of our country being experienced.

With the political temperatures now high, political rallies are being held everywhere throughout the country. What is the government and the police doing to ensure that innocent Kenyans attending this political rallies are safe from suchlike future attacks? The politicians should take responsibility and ensure their supporters are safe. In the Mutwapa rally, police say they were never informed of a rally being held and this could have been one of the contributing factors for the attacks.  The attackers found their way easily to where the minister was probably after noticing there was no police officer present.

The government really has to do something and ensure no future attacks are experienced. Come the next general elections, Kenyans want peace to avoid going back to the aftermath of the 2007 elections. Kenyans attending these political rallies should also be assured of their security to avoid loss of lives.

Nixon Kanali, Nairobi





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