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The biometric voter registration process which began last week enters its second week today with reports of low voter turnout being reported in nearly all registration centers across the country. Some centers are said to be registering less then ten people a day. Reports are also emerging of voter importation in some areas. This begs the question as to if the IEBC really did its work in educating Kenyans on the importance of this registration, already the commission has indicated that there will be no extension in the registration date, something which Kenyans should really consider.

What the commission is experiencing now should not be attributed to the fact that Kenyans are known to be doing things on the eleventh hour. There is something more to that, something which the Isaack Hassan led commission should look into to ensure that they register the number of voters they are targeting.  Despite opinion polls showing that most Kenyans had trust that the commission was going to deliver credible elections, they still need to work harder to ensure that they educate Kenyans more on the importance of registering as voters.

The elections are almost here with us, with only one hundred days to go. For us as Kenyans ensure that we have a smooth transition into the next government is by registering as voters.  Turning out in large numbers and getting voters cards is the only way we are going to get rid of the bad leadership being experienced in our country. The woes and misfortunes that have been recently and currently befallen our dear country is all due to bad leadership, impunity among others.

As Kenyans, we have the chance to get rid of all this by making sure we register as voters. The country belongs to us and we need to make it a better place for us to enjoy and leave peacefully. This cannot be done if we continue sitting down and watch without turning out to register as voters.  The EIBC should also in the forefront in informing Kenyans, especially in remote areas on the importance of this exercise. Kenyans in the diaspora should not be left behind either.

Claims of voter importation should also be looked into seriously. I believe this is being done by hungry and selfish leaders out to serve their own personal and selfish interest. Kenyans and especially the youths should not allow themselves to be used by these leaders. By now we should have learnt a lot from the previous elections and the aftermath, and it should be enough reason for us to decide and know the kind of leaders we want.  The EIBC commission should not leave anything to chances and everybody found to be committing election related crimes like double registration and leaders involved in voter importation should be dealt with seriously.

Meanwhile, as we enter into the second week of the registration, I want to encourage more Kenyans to turn out and register as voters so that come December 18th, when the registration exercise comes to an end we will all be prepared to change our country when we go to the polls in March 2013

Nixon Kanali, Nairobi .





The killing of more than 40 police officers by bandits suspected to be cattle rustlers from a neighboring country in Baragoi; Samburu should leave us a worried lot. The act which can only be described as a massacre was an act of cowardice and should be condemned with the high terms possible.

What worries most is the fact that hyenas could have eaten some of the bodies of the police officers killed by the bandits.

It is so sad that these police officers had to dies under these uncouth circumstances. Question however remain unanswered, just how and why did these officers had to die what is the government doing to address the issue.

For a long time now, Samburu county and other areas have been in the limelight for all the wrong reasons, cattle rustling. Day in day out, residents in these areas have been waking up to attacks by cattle rustlers believed to have come from neighboring countries. The government has always remained mum about this. Despite deploying the security officers in the area, a lot more still has to be done.

The killing of the more than 40 security officers for example should send a clear message to the government that something is really wrong. Probably, there are more bodies still lying in the area yet to be discovered. The security situation in this area should be given a very thorough attention. Kenyans are not going to sit down and watch as the people they expect to protect them being killed by bandits. The internal security ministry should move in very fast and act. The reasons behind these killings should also be seriously investigated and the people behind it pursued. The arms disarmament process being undertaken in the area should be speeded to ensure no one is allowed to poses arms.

These officers have lost their protecting the lives of Kenyans and this should not be allowed to happen in future. The government should deploy more security officers, fully armed in Samburu and other pastoral areas. 

With the political temperatures now high ahead of the upcoming election, security is of utmost importance throughout the country. Such acts, like the one experienced in Samburu should be gotten rid off before they get out of hand.  Apart from campaigning, the political class should also remember that they have a duty to fulfill, which id protecting Kenyans, the people who are going to vote them in come March next year.

Nixon Kanali, Nairobi