Parties should conduct their nominations democratically and peacefully

Posted: January 9, 2013 in Politics/Current issues


The current nominations deadlock being experienced in the two major political parties bracing themselves should not be taken lightly both by the parties and Kenyans.

 The CORD coalition for examples says it is going to conduct joint nominations something which is not going well with the Wiper part and other smaller parties. The party leader however came out the other day to calm the situation saying the part was going to conduct hybrid nominations for all elective posts. The PM said the coalition will encourage its partners to individually conduct nominations in certain areas while go for joint nominations in other regions. In the Jubilee alliance the same is being experienced with TNA and URP disagreeing on the mode of nominations. 

Both parties should realize that this wrangles which they might be treating lightly could be a very big blow to their political ambitions. As Kenyans we are keenly watching if they are going to conduct these nominations in a democratic and peaceful manner. It is obvious that if there is no democracy within the party then a party cannot be trusted lead the country in the next government. These parties should do all the. It is obvious that if there is no democracy within the party then a party cannot be trusted lead the country in the next government. These parties should do all they can to ensure that they are democratic peaceful and can accommodate all there partner parties.

Previous elections have also seen these nominations being marred with violence with party members and officials throwing chairs and fists at each other. This is one thing that these parties should also ensure that is not experienced.  All politicians are going round campaigning with all of them preaching peace and stability. They should walk the talk and ensure that this peace should start right within their parties during the nominations exercise scheduled for January 17th.

The countdown to the General elections has already started in what is being termed as the most competitive elections ever in the country. The elections are also coming after the previous elections which was also blemished with violence that left so many lives lost and people displaced. Kenyans have learned so many lessons since then and our politicians should realize that we are not going to allow them to manipulate us into conducting violence. As the electorate we are keenly watching how the politicians are going to carry themselves are going to conduct the exercise before electing them in office come March 4th when we go to the polls. We want to see the real taste of democracy and peace within the party first.

Nixon Kanali, Nairobi


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