Our eyes are now fixed on the IIEBC for a credible electoral process

Posted: February 5, 2013 in Politics/Current issues




The announcement by the Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission  (IEBC) than Kenyans will start getting the results of the March 4 General elections one-and-a-half hours after voting closes at 5 pm could just be one of the most promising news the commission is giving Kenyans. The commission says the presidential results will be the first to be announced before those of the other five elective posts.


The commission should now realise that with only 27 days to the elections, all eyes are on them. As Kenyans, we are waiting to see how credible and independent the election process will be carried out.


Coming out of the 2007 disputed elections, the commission should now offer its best to make sure that what was experienced during the last general elections does not repeat itself. Having adopted an electronic Results transmission system which has successfully worked in other African countries, the Ahmed Isack led commission should now be working to ensure that we have a smooth transition to the next government.


According to the commission, this electronic system will make it possible for the vote count to be relayed directly from polling stations to three tallying centres located at the constituency, county and national level. Being the first time this system is being used in the country should make sure it sticks to its words to avoid raising tensions. The last thing Kenyans want now is to doubt the IEBC credibility, that is why it should do all it can to assure Kenyans that all will be well.


With the political temperatures now very high, politicians as they are known could no anything to derail the credibility of this commission. Already, some are going out saying that the elections will be rigged particularly after the shutting down of frequencies for some radio station by the Communication Commission of Kenya (CCK). The IEBC should come out and dismiss these accusations by this section of politicians.


As Kenyans, we have faith in this electoral commission and our prayer is that it will not lead us the Kivuitu way. Meanwhile, both the politicians and Kenyans should preach and maintain peace and accept the outcome of the election process. What was experienced during the party nominations process where some leaders could not concede defeat should not be the case come the general elections. Both leaders and their supporters should be ready for any eventuality and keep peace.


Nixon Kanali, Nairobi












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