Are there illegal groups still operating in the country with just ten days to the elections?

Posted: February 22, 2013 in Politics/Current issues



Wednesday revelation by the chief justice Wily Mutunga that his life was in danger should not be taken lightly. Speaking to the press, the chief justice said he had received a letter warning him and other judges not to make adverse rulings against Jubillee coalition leaders Uhuru Kenyatta and his running mate William Ruto. Apparently, the unsigned letter had been authored by a group going by the name Mungiki Veterans Group Kenya and Kenya Sovereignty Defence Squad.

With only two weeks to the elections, this should send a very worrying message to Kenyans. The letter is said to have been written by this illegal, group begging the question on the existence of illegal groups in the country. These groups could be ganging up to cause havoc come the elections.

Already investigations into the CJ saga have already commenced, the government should also make a step further and investigate the existence of this Mungiki Veterans Group Kenya and Kenya Sovereignty Defence Squad and all other unknow illegal groups in operation throughout the country. Their motives should be clearly investigated to ensure that they do not scuttle the countries peace with just days to the general elections. The government should intensify its efforts to ensure that no illegal groups are operating in the country. It should be understood that not everyone want our country to have peace, and this are the people and groups should be working on to ensure that their plans are completely stopped.  These illegal groups were largely used to propagate violence during the last General Elections. It is so sad that five years down the line, they are still in existence and starting to show up just days when we will be going to the next elections. This means something is really wrong, something which should be thoroughly looked into.

Kenyans should preach and maintain peace

The country has come a long way particularly after the disputed last General election with led to the Post election violence that saw thousands of people loose their lives and thousands of others displaced. The memories are still so fresh in our minds and that is why we should use these coming elections to make a change and prove the world wrong.

So many co-operates, private firms, Kenyans on social media are doing a great job by setting up peace campaigns. This initiative will only bear fruits if as Kenyans we start preaching peace from within ourselves and every Kenyan should take this initiative. Our leaders as they are know cannot be trusted to promise us peace. The same leader will go behind doors and incite the same people they are preaching peace to. As Kenyans, especially the youths, who have always fallen victims of such should not allow themselves to be used by these same leaders.

As we prepare for the March 4th elections, one thing is clear; there is still our dear Kenya after the elections. Whether your favourite candidate wins or looses, we will continue to be one, one nation one people, so let us preach and maintain peace. God bless Kenya.

Nixon Kanali, Kenyan Institute of Mass Communication (KIMC), Nairobi



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