Will Kenyans finally know their 4th president today?

Posted: March 8, 2013 in Politics/Current issues


For the fourth day now Kenyans are still waiting for the presidential results after going to the polls on Monday 4th to elect various leaders. These Kenyan elections have been viewed by analysts as one of the most competitive elections especially among the top two presidential aspirants, the Prime Minister Raila Odinga and one of his deputies Uhuru Kenyatta.

So far the results, which are expected to be announced today, are showing Uhuru Kenyatta in the lead while Raila Odinga comes second, with a difference of about 500,000 votes.

The manner in which, the Independent Boundaries and Electoral Commission, the body mandated to oversee the electoral process in the country, under the chairmanship of Isaack Hassan has raised so many questions. Particularly after the electronic voter transmission system failed with rumours that the system had been hacked into to favour one candidate ,going around the country. This forced the commission to start the vote counting afresh by deciding to do everything manually. The commission however came out to dismiss these allegations and blamed everything on technical problems.

The Raila Odinga led part of the coalition also came out saying they had evidence that the presidential results were being rigged and manipulated. They even threatened to go to court to block the commission from going on with the tallying of the results. With Uhuru Kenyatta still in the lead, the civil society has also gone to court to file a petition at the Kenyan high court to stop the tallying of the presidential results which are nearing completion. Three judges are set to determine whether they have powers to handle the case or not and have already directed the civil society group to appear in court by today, Friday 8th at 3.30 pm.

As these events keep unfolding, most Kenyans could be seen resuming back to their normal duties, unlike what the situation was like on Tuesday and Wednesday. Most Kenyans had resolved to stay indoors to wait for the presidential results probably for fear, they country could yet again turn to violence like what was witnessed during the last disputed presidential elections in 2007.

Meanwhile, Kenyans continue to remain optimistic that they will soon know who their next president will be, or rather if they will have to go to a run off if none of the two top candidates fail to gunner the required votes as per the constitution for him to be declared president.

Nixon Kanali, Nairobi


  1. Kanali says:

    Sorry, it should be the 4th president, not 5th. Thank youi

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