How Kenyans react to the presidential petition results really matters

Posted: March 28, 2013 in Politics/Current issues


The most anticipated ruling over the presidential petition by the Supreme Court seems to be having a very huge impact in our country in very different aspects. The petition, which was logged by the CORD coalition, is challenging the election of Uhuru Kenyatta as the country’s 4th president citied irregularities during the election process terming the process as unfair.

Already, the effects are already being felt with the United States having already issued travel advisories to its citizen over the presidential petition. According to the advisory, there could e a strong reaction to the announcement of the presidential petition ruling. It went further to strongly urge all U.S citizens to avoid gatherings, demonstrations, downtown business areas, slums and large slums of any kind. This could just be a warning shot by the United States and other foreign governments on how Kenyans will react to the news of the presidential petition ruling.

The business community is also feeling the effects of this petition with some investors having to hold their plans until the petition is ruled, developing the wait and see attitude. The most affected sector being the construction sector where contractors have had to halt their plans until the ruling is passed.

These effects are having a very huge impact in our country’s economy and how Kenyans react to the ruling could just be a determinant factor on where our country will be in future. Having come from an election that was marred with violence leading to deaths and displacement of thousand people after the election results were disputed, Kenyans would not want to go back there. Our country’s economy was completely destroyed during the violence; living conditions became harsh and unbearable for most Kenyans.

The elections came and passed and the international community praised Kenyans for conducting themselves in a peaceful manner throughout the voting exercise. The same presidential elections are now being contested in court and the international community and the world in general is till watching to see how Kenyans will receive the ruling by the Supreme Court.

Whether the ruling rules in favor of your favorite candidate or not, we should know our country will still remain. We should be ready to accept the ruling peacefully and dismiss any calls for violence from our politicians at all costs. Kenyans should let the courts do its work and give the final verdict at the end of the day.

The chief justice Wily Mutunga has already promised Kenyans that the court will rule fairly on the matter and this is enough reasons for us to trust the panel of judges handling the matter. As we continue being glued to our television sets following the petition proceedings, let us all continue holding to the same belief of peace and stability.

Nixon Kanali, Nairobi



















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