Time to get back to our feet and embark on nation building

Posted: April 2, 2013 in Politics/Current issues


The political temperatures are now calm in the country after the just concluded general elections. The supreme court in a ruling made on Saturday upheld the election of Uhuru Kenyatta as the 4th president and William Ruto as the deputy. This ruling came after the Prime Minister Raila Odinga who was also contesting the presidency went to the courts to challenge the election of the two. According to Raila Odinga, the elections were marred with irregularities and figures tampered with to favour the UhuRuto pact. The Supreme Court led by its president, the Chief Justice Willy Mutunga however after hearing submissions from both sides ruled the case in favour of the Jubilee led coalition.

The prime minister willingly accepted the ruling and went ahead to wish the two well in their term in office. The ruling was also received with mixed reactions in some parts of the country with little violence being experienced in Kisumu and some parts of the country. Things are however back to normalcy and Kenyans are going on with their daily duties peacefully, a commendable gesture indeed unlike what was experienced during the 2007-2008 election where the country went up in flames.

 One thing that remains to be noticed is how the country comes to a standstill during elections especially when Kenyans are waiting for results to be announced. Most Kenyans remained indoors, shops closed, shopping malls too all for fear of violence erupting when presidential results will be announced. This mentality was mainly necessitated by the 2007 violence and will continue to be experienced if nothing is done.

The effects it is having to the country especially economically are so huge. According to a report published by Safari Africa, whenever Kenya is heading into an election year, the economy attains a downward trend due to the conflict involved during this period. Most investors withdraw their businesses in fear of incurring losses to the pre and post election incidents of violence during this period. This was just the case when the country was waiting for the presidential petition ruling. Most investors halted their plans, some countries like the United States issued travel advisories to their citizens, and this was a very big blow to the country’s economy.

The elections are now gone and what now remains are how the country will get back to its feet and continue in nation building as an economic hub. Labelled as one of the fastest growing economies in Africa, the incoming government should ensure that the optism Kenyans had on the growth of the economy when the year started is restored. Kenyans should understand that politics have a very huge impact on the economy and their lives and they should now get back to their feet and embark on nation building.

The incoming government should also ensure that it sticks to its promises as it is part of the country’s growth. It should work together with citizens and the international community in all sectors. Many foreign countries have sent their congratulatory messages to the president-elect and this is just a clear indication that they are willing to work and cooperate with the new government. With the county governments also now in operational, one only hopes the country is scaling up to good leadership both from the county to the national level.

Nixon Kanali, Nairobi








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