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Africa Union Heads of States recently passed a decision to oppose the ICC’s selective justice, the leaders resolved to pull out of ICC and also passed a resolution backing a request to have ICC charges facing President Uhuru Kenyatta and his deputy William Ruto referred back to a local court.


President Uhuru Kenyatta

By Nixon Kanali, Nairobi 

The president through his facebook account decided to issue a statement over the ongoing row between the Salaries and Remuneration Commission and Parliament.

In his statement, the president has has urged Parliament and SRC to dialogue over MPs demand for higher pay; he says the Executive will stick to package set by the Serem Commission.
Follow this link to read what he had to say

By Nixon Kanali, May 28th 2013


Salaries and Remuneration Commission chairman Sarah Serem (left) and the vice chairman Daniel Ogutu during a press conference at the commission offices in Nairobi January 10, 2013.


Back to the issue of Mps demands for higher salaries. The Salaries and Remuneration Commission has said the proposal for higher pay from the Parliamentary Service Commission was one of those the commission was assessing and that it was open to dialogue.

The commission wants the public to stop confrontation with the MPs like what was experienced during the ”Occupy Parliament” demonstration outside parliament building.

Here is the link to these new developments


Gado’s cartoon that raised an uproar in parliament

By Nixon Kanali, May 23rd 2013

Apparently, Gado’s cartoon that appeared in the daily nation the other day over Deputy President William Ruto and his what has come to be known ”The Hustlers Jet” has not gone well with some leaders.It went to the extent of raising an aproar in Parliament with  Women MPs demanding an apology from the newspaper because of the cartoon which was published in the Wednesdays edition of the Dailiy Nation Newspaper.

The women Mps claim the message being portrayed in the cartoon lowers their dignity.  Led by Kenya Women Parliamentarian Association Chairman Cecily Mbarire, they say the Daily Nation cartoon by Gado which shows Deputy President William Ruto getting a massage was in bad taste for women MPs who accompanied him on a now controversial four-nation African tour.

“I want to demand an apology to all the lady Members of Parliament because we are here in our own right. We did not come here to massage anybody… we are here as Members of Parliament; and we want gender sensitive media, not people who look at us from the waist down and not the waist up.

Well, the drama continues and let us just sit and wait to hear what the Deputy President will have to say about this.


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By Nixon Kanali, Nairobi 23rd May 2013



PHOTO | PPS President Kenyatta receives the Truth, Justice and Reconciliation Commission’s final report from team chairman Bethuel Kiplagat at State House Nairobi. PPS

The Truth Justice and Reconciliation Commission (TJRC) finally submitted its report to the president on Tuesday 22nd may, three years after it was formed. The commission under the chairmanship of Ambassador Bethuel Kiplagat was formed to look into historical injustices that have taken place since the country gained independence. The historical injustices range from illegal land acquisitions, political assassinations, incitements, political massacres among many other.

Senior government officials who include sitting MPs, former PCs, security chiefs and politicians are among hundred of Kenyans recommended for prosecution in the report. Hosts of serving senior police officers have also been included in the list.

Something notable is the inclusion of President Uhuru and his Deputy William Ruto who have been adversely mentioned over the 2007 post election violence for which they are facing trials at the International Criminal Court (ICC).

The truth justice and reconciliation commission Act number 6 of 2008 established the Truth Justice and Reconciliation Commission (TJRC). The commission was to investigate, analyze and report gross human   rights violations and other historical injustices in the country between December 1963 and February 2008. This task was part of the accountability component of Agenda Four of the National Accord signed by former Prime Minister Raila Odinga and former president Mwai Kibaki in 2008.

Ironically, the report which is now in the hands of the president also recommends that the TJRC chairman Bethuel Kiplagat should be investigated over the bloody 198 Wagalla massacre and recommends he should not hold any public office.

The report has come up with recommendations that have to be adopted and implemented.  It has recommended President Uhuru Kenyatta and respective heads of the Kenya police and the Kenya Defense forces within six months after the issuance of the report offer a public and unconditional apology for extra-judicial killings committed during the mandate period. It further recommends the fast-tracking of reforms in the police service. The report further recommends the abolition of death penalty and the calls for moving all death sentences to life imprisonment and or other appropriate sentences.

The commission also recommends the establishment of a fully equipped national modern forensic laboratory within 36 months of this report, and thereafter, in every county. This are just among the many recommendations the commission came up with. Recommendations that if implemented are expected to bring national healing and reconciliation.

Question is, will these recommendations be adopted and implemented or will this report just be among the many other commission reports that have taken ages to be implemented?

Speaking while receiving the report, the president said that the government was committed to deepening the healing and reconciliation process in the country. He said that the government was going to take the recommendations of the report more seriously and ensure they are implemented. The president said that addressing the causes and effects of past injustices would contribute towards national unity, reconciliation and healing and enable Kenyans to move forward with a new sense of nationhood. These were very promising remarks from the president and Kenyans will be keen to monitor how things will turn around.

Here is the link to the report as presented by the TJRC