The Government should save Kenyans from the recent Insecurity outbreak

Posted: May 14, 2013 in Politics/Current issues

A nurse attends to Mr Chrispinus Wanjala at Bungoma District Hospital last week following an attack on Mayanja village

The past two weeks has seen so many lives lost, property destroyed, and people injured in what has been termed as the highest cases of insecurity in the country. These attacks which were mainly experienced in Bungoma , Busia and Mandera have left so much tension in these areas with the motives of the attacks still not known.

So far more than twenty people have been arrested and charged with the killings in Bungoma and Busia counties which have seen 13 people dead.  In a quest to address the killings in western Kenya, deputy president William Ruto chaired a security meeting where he was told that about 228 people had been arrested and questioned. He was also told that Police were also pursuing some politicians who could have been behind the unprovoked spate of robberies and killings.

On the other hand, the Inspector General David Kimaiyo transferred more than 200 policemen including senior commanders from the two regions. Officers from the GSU and the Rapid response Unit of the AP were also deployed to beef up security in the two regions. The Inspector General went further and promised a Sh100, 000 reward to any member of the public who volunteers information that shall lead to the arrest of members of the criminal gangs that carried out the attacks.

In Mandera, eight people were killed and 35 injured in clan fighting in Mandera County over the weekend, adding up to the two who had shot dead and three injured in a raid on the Mandera police canteen on Saturday night.

Rhamu district commissioner Charles Leboso said eight people, among them a soldier, were killed in fighting last Friday. “Fourteen people were referred to Mandera District Hospital, while 35 who suffered soft tissue injuries were treated and discharged.

In Gatundu, police have now declared war on the resurgent Mungiki sect. The declaration follows a spate of robberies, murders, arson, and a widespread extortion racket that has paralysed business and farming interests in the region which is also President Uhuru Kenyatta’s hometown.

In Mombasa county 13 suspected MRC members were been charged in court for illegally taking an oath. The accused among them a witchdoctor were arrested in a house in Changamwe.

These recent happenings have left so many questions lingering in the minds of many Kenyans on the state of the country’s security.  How the killings and attacks in Bungoma and Busia counties for example were planned and executed remains a mystery. Where is the country’s Intelligence service? Why would people kill each other using machetes in such times? Who are the people behind these attacks and why? Those are just some of the questions that need to be answered.

. The inspector General should therefore leave nothing to chances. The new government under the Uhuru presidency should ensure that its promise of a secure and peaceful country is achieved.

Peace and security is a very key aspect for the growth of any country and for devolution to clearly take effect there should be proper security in every county. Meanwhile, the government should look into the recent killing in Bungoma, Busia and Mandera and ensure the masterminds are brought to book.

The emergence of illegal groups like the Mungiki in Gatundu and also the Mombasa Republican Council should also be stopped before things get out of hand.

Nixon Kanali, Kenya Institute of Mass Communication (KIMC) Nairobi



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