Ruto’s luxury jet hire theory that is said to cost Sh100m

Posted: May 20, 2013 in Politics/Current issues

Deputy President William Ruto’s chartered jet is marketed as one of the finest executive planes in its class, complete with an office, catering facilities, a bed and a lounge for relaxing.

So this story has generated a lot of debate. That Deputy President William Ruto’s office has hired a luxury jet for his travels across the continent in a deal which will cost taxpayers up to $300,000 (Sh25.14 million) every three months.

At a time when over 60 per cent of the population is living under one dollar per day. According to an article in the Standard Newspaper dated Saturday March 19th, Peter Nguli said that Owing to the Kenya’s economy status, this is a waste of resources.

What do u think about it? do you beleive Dr. Bitange Ndemo?

Here are the links to the stories in the respective local dailies.

Nixon Kanali

”It is an irony of circumstance that a poor and underdeveloped country like Kenya would engage in so much waste and extravagance in the running of its bureaucracy, particularly with regard to the monetary benefits and packages accruable to political office holders in Kenya, compared to the richer developed economies of the west”. Says the writer 

Dr. Bitange Ndemo however came out to clarify this in one of the local tv stations the other day saying this was not the case. 







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