Uproar in Parliament over Ruto Gado’s cartoon

Posted: May 23, 2013 in Politics/Current issues

Gado’s cartoon that raised an uproar in parliament

By Nixon Kanali, May 23rd 2013

Apparently, Gado’s cartoon that appeared in the daily nation the other day over Deputy President William Ruto and his what has come to be known ”The Hustlers Jet” has not gone well with some leaders.It went to the extent of raising an aproar in Parliament with  Women MPs demanding an apology from the newspaper because of the cartoon which was published in the Wednesdays edition of the Dailiy Nation Newspaper.

The women Mps claim the message being portrayed in the cartoon lowers their dignity.  Led by Kenya Women Parliamentarian Association Chairman Cecily Mbarire, they say the Daily Nation cartoon by Gado which shows Deputy President William Ruto getting a massage was in bad taste for women MPs who accompanied him on a now controversial four-nation African tour.

“I want to demand an apology to all the lady Members of Parliament because we are here in our own right. We did not come here to massage anybody… we are here as Members of Parliament; and we want gender sensitive media, not people who look at us from the waist down and not the waist up.

Well, the drama continues and let us just sit and wait to hear what the Deputy President will have to say about this.

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