Locking Raila out of VIP lounge was barbaric

Posted: June 4, 2013 in Politics/Current issues








Former Kenyan Prime Minister Raila Odinga. He is said to have been blocked from airport’s VIP lounge



By Nixon Kanali

The move by some airport security officials to block former Prime Minister Raila Odinga from using a lounge normally reserved for VIPs at the Jomo Kenyatta International Airport, Nairobi was uncouth and barbaric. The security personnel at JKIA claim they are acting on the basis of a letter written by Mr Francis Kimemia, whose contents they have been instructed to enforce ‘to the letter’ at all airports within the country.

This incident comes just days after the former Prime Minister’s wife Ida was subjected to similar treatment last Friday.

However, the government moved fast to downplay the incident, blaming it on “over-enthusiastic” civil servants. It went further to say that it will take disciplinary action against anybody found to have subjected Mr Odinga to such humiliation. Despite making this statement, questions still remain if indeed this is what former leaders should be treated by a sitting government. No country treats their former Prime Ministers the way we treat ours whether we like him or not.

Despite having lost in the last presidential election, Raila Odinga should be accorded the respect he deserves. From the recent happening it is clear that some powerful people are out to humiliate the former Prime Minister, something which should not be happening.

The claims by the security personnel at the airport that they were action on a directive issued by Francis Kimemia should also be looked into. As a country we are setting a bad example in regard to respecting leaders who took part in putting our country to where it is right now.

The act generated a heated debate among Kenyans on social media, twitter and facebook and here is what some Kenyans on twitter had to say. Some supporting it while others condemned it.

”No country treats their former Prime ministers the way we treat ours whether we don’t like them or not. Those making fun of RAO think again” Journalist Denis Okari

”Disrespecting Raila is not the way to go for a nation that is wounded/divided”  Jina Kubwa CJK

Senator Murkomen posted ”Locking Rt.Hon.Raila out of VIP?That’s barbaric.He’s the leader of the second largest coalition near half of the voters.VIP in his own right”

Njenga Kuria says ”Why is it that Raila is always the victim, Elections, Appointments, VIP lounge, he needs a reality check! ”

David Ochola tweetedRAO has done enough for this nation and deserves respect for heavens’ sake. God save Kenya”

The vocal Robert Alai tweeted ” Like it or not, Raila was the Prime Minister of Kenya with the support of over 5.3 million Kenyan eligible voters”

Denis Okari again tweeted ”I Think We Are Setting A Dangerous Precedent, Forget RAO, Are We Going For Revenge Missions In Administration Change? We Need To Grow Up.”

On facebook: Goli Aylward ”Its high time we respect da leaders who av fought 4 justice in dis land kenya”

Well lets wait and see how things continue to unfold folks.

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