Transparency International and Ipsos Synovate reports worrying

Posted: July 11, 2013 in Politics/Current issues

Ipsos Synovate lead researcher Tom Wolf during a news conference on July 10, 2013.

A report launched by Ipsos Synovate on Wednesday 11th June on the Jubilee government 100 days in office presented a very worrying state of affairs. According to the report, despite Kenyans having confidence in the government they are worse off economically.

According to the report, most Kenyans are complaining of increased commodity prices and are afraid it could worsen especially with the introduction of the VAT bill in parliament which if passed will see commodity prices go up by 16 percent.  This is just one among the many things Kenyans are afraid off. The report showed that most Kenyans were against this bill.

The ongoing teachers’ strike, the banning of khat, commonly known as mirraa in Kenya could just have more severe implications in the countries economy. The teachers strike for example has been going on for three weeks now and it is having a great effect in the country. The banning of khat by the United Kingdom government too is something that will not go down well the khat farmers considering UK is the major export market for this commodity. This means the farmers who have been largely depending on this as a source of income will have to look for alternative markets or source of income.

The Ipsos Synovate report also came out just a day after another report by Transparency International placed Kenya at number four in Africa in corruption. The government should take these reports very seriously as it could have several implications in the country. Corruption is a vice that has been in the country for so many years. Year in year out, governments that have been coming in and out have always promised to fight it but always ended up failing.

What message do these reports send to the government? It means that the government needs to do something. The report on corruption does not send a very good image of Kenya as a country. 100 days in office and the Kenyan government needs to make sure it changes this image, especially after the Ipsos Synovate report indicated that most Kenyans still had confidence in the Jubilee government despite all this.

Just recently, Investor confidence had increased in the country. This meant that most investors had identified Kenya as a safe investing destination after a peaceful General Election. This could however change if things go on the way they are if the government allows this trend of corruption and other vices keep on increasing in the country.

The government therefore needs to ensure that activities that can paralyze the country’s economy like industrial actions are not experienced in future.

Nixon Kanali, Nairobi













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