“What We Are Sending to the Grassroots to Implement Our Devolution Programme Are Incorrigible Thieves, Liars and Braggadocios, Men Who Wallow Like Tausi (Peacock) in Their Own Self-Importance! Haven’t You Heard that, in the Manner of Colonial Tyrants, Every One of Your New County Rulers Has Declared Himself “His Excellency the Governor” and His Wife “the First Lady”? We Are Merely Unloading to the Countryside Whole Cadres From a Central Structure Already Rotten With Greed and Deep in Financial Mires and Land Grabbing! That is Why I Support a Strong, Enlightened, Central Government; To Waste Your Already Dangerously Meagre Political Energy into a Million Mini-Governments is to Condemn Yourselves to Fatal Powerlessness at the Centre!” – Veteran Journalist Jaduong’ Philip Ochieng Otani.

Posted: August 6, 2013 in Politics/Current issues

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