Was the JSC justified in suspending Gladys Shollei?

Posted: August 20, 2013 in Politics/Current issues

udiciary Chief Registrar Gladys Shollei addressing the Press at the Supreme Court, , shortly after the announcement to send her on leave was made.

Judiciary Chief Registrar Gladys Shollei was on Tuesday sent on Compulsory leave by the Judicial Service Commission (JSC) )pending a probe into claims of malpractices. What hasdone?Why not tell her the wrongs she committed before sending her on a compulsory leave?

Secretary to the Cabinet Francis Kimemia on Tuesday criticised the Judicial Service commission (JSC) over its decision to send Registrar of the Judiciary Gladys Shollei on compulsory leave.

While making the announcement, Chief Justice Willy Mutunga  warned against statements on the matter and pleaded for patience to allow the JSC time to adequately dispense the matter.

“It is not a political process. Those that have facts to contribute are invited to do so. Everybody else should give our processes a chance to work,” Dr Mutunga said.

The two committees are expected to meet to plan the scope of the probe expected to touch on a number procurement and other issues raised against her.




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