President Kenyatta leads cabinet secretaries in signing of performance contracts

Posted: October 4, 2013 in Politics/Current issues


By @NicKanali

President Uhuru Kenyatta yesterday led all cabinet secretaries in signing performance contracts; a move which he said is geared towards the achievement of the second phase of vision 2030.

Speaking during the event, President Uhuru Kenyatta warned nonperforming public officers that they risk being sacked if they did not deliver to the expectations of Kenyans. He said his government will not entertain officers who sleep on the job at the expense of service delivery. The news just came at the right time when Kenyans are expecting true service delivery from these cabinet secretaries.

The president was very categorical saying It is not desirable at this stage of his governments journey to progress, to be obstructed by characters who give no value for public money spent on them. He said the time has come to detect and cull them, and this what exactly Kenyans want. If a public officer fails to perform or deliver there is no need of him or her clinging to that position, he or she should be sent home.

 “We will be rewarding success and heavily penalising failure, government will no longer offer refuge to loafers and joy riders.” The president further said.

The President said those who are not willing to embrace the new work ethic should resign instead of waiting to be dismissed. He said The Public Service Commission (PSC) will in the coming weeks complete the framework for Rewards and Sanctions Policy for Public Officers, which will form the basis for promotion and retention of public servants.

He further said that government expects all Cabinet secretaries to ensure that in due course, performance contracts will govern the execution of every public officer’s terms of reference. He said most national challenges are caused by incompetent and corrupt public servants as opposed to “unavoidable or elemental phenomena”.

 “This mediocrity lies to waste the efforts of committed, diligent and professional public servants and inflicts misery on thousands of taxpaying Kenyans,” he said. The head of state also singled out incompetence and corruption as main cause of inability by government to deliver on its promises. The performance contracting will now commit government officers achieve specific service delivery targets that are verifiable and can be audited over time.

The President said he would not allow the country’s journey to progress be blocked by people who give no value for public money spent on them, emphasizing that time had come to detect and remove them from public service

He also took the opportunity to launch the Vision 2030 Second Medium Term Plan for 2013 to 2017.

What is a performance contract? 

According to

 ‘’A performance contract is a contract between a performer and a venue which sets out the terms of a performance. The contract includes the rights and an obligation of all parties involved in the performance and discusses matters such as security, compensation, and scheduling. The goal of a performance contract is to make the expectations of all parties clear so that the performance will go smoothly and to eliminate any causes for legal challenges in the future’’



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