Parliament buys a Sh150 million mansion for Senate Speaker Ekwee Ethuro via #TheSundayNation

Posted: October 6, 2013 in Politics/Current issues



Senate Speaker Ekwee Ethuro will now be living in Sh150m mansion bought to him by parliament.

The Clerk of the Senate, Mr Jeremiah Nyegenye, confirmed the house was bought in a sale agreement entered into on February 22. The transfer of title to the Parliamentary Service Commission (PSC), Mr Nyegenye said, was done on June 26.

“The PSC has purchased an official residence to be used by the person for the time being holding the office of Speaker of the Senate of the Republic of Kenya,” the clerk said.

“It is an institutional house. The Salaries and Remuneration Commission has set the provision of an official residence as one of the benefits accruing to a Speaker of a House of Parliament.”

The house, which is Located on Bogani Road in Karen, created a buzz last year after it was featured in Business Daily with realtors branding it “one of the priciest single residential units in Nairobi”.

It had an asking price of Sh200 million, a figure that discouraged many buyers who said it was too expensive.

Via the Sunday Nation


Senate Speaker Ekwee Ethuro


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