“How Come the ICC’s Decade-Long Global Purview and “Map of the World” Has Focused on Africa: DR Congo, Uganda, Central African Republic, Darfur/Sudan, Ivory Coast, Kenya and Mali? Would African Leaders Be Wrong to See a Race-Hunt Rather Than a Vigorous Fight Against Impunity? Why Hasn’t the ICC Chief Prosecutor Filed Cases Against Leaders in Syria, Iraq, Venezuela, Colombia, Afghanistan Et Cetera? Kenyans Should Commit Themselves to Defending the Sovereignty Our Forefathers Fought So Hard for; Kenyans Should Jealously Guard the Pillars of Our Nation!” – Machel Waikenda.

Posted: November 5, 2013 in Politics/Current issues
  1. Abdulkarim Taraja Ruto says:

    Am even wondering why this issues are addressed to Africans only. The middle East, the US etc have destroyed the humanity, properties and caused displacements, yet the so called world Court does nothing to bring them to books.
    This ICC is a big threat to Kenyas development at the moment.

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