#JKIADev; Work on JKIA passenger terminal kicks off

Posted: December 3, 2013 in Politics/Current issues

#JKIADev : An architectural view of The 20 million passenger terminal


President Uhuru Kenyatta today officiated the ground breaking ceremony for the construction of  a Sh55.6 billion Greenfield passenger Terminal at Kenyatta International Airport (JKIA). 

The project had been halted after battlefront for competing interests whose fights for the control of the tender has found there way into boardrooms, courts and even parliament. It was initially supposed to be started in early 2012 but the controversy over the tendering process delayed the process. The terminal, which is one of its kind is expected to push Kenya’s status as an aviation hub. 

Last week on Friday, the Kenya Airports Authority said in a statement that the new terminal will be constructed to increase annual handling capacity by 20 million passengers. The construction is set to begin  in December 2013 and the terminal will be ready to start operations in 2017.

Passenger traffic at the airport has been growing at an annual 12 per cent per annum. Currently, the current airport is designed to cater for an annual capacity of 2.5 million passengers. Presently it handles 6.5 million or three times more than it was designed to handle, this has always led to difficulties in meeting international customer service standards.

The groundbreaking ceremony was also attended by the Deputy President William Ruto and former prime Minister Raila Odinga who said he was happy that the project was finally becoming a reality. 


Another architectural view of The 20 million passenger terminal


By Nixon Kanali, 


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