#DigitalMigration: Do you support it?

Posted: December 24, 2013 in Politics/Current issues


On Monday night, the country’s leading television stations, NTV, KTN and Citizen TV went off air in what they say is compliance with the law, after they lost a case to delay digital migration process.

On that Monday, High Court Judge David Majanja ruled that the digital migration from analogue to digital broadcasting exercise will proceed in Nairobi and dismissed a petition by the three leading media houses to delay the switch.

The switch off had been set to begin on Friday December 13, According to the Communications Commission of Kenya (CCK). The High Court however suspended the planned it to December 23, to allow determination of a suit filed by media houses challenging the Government’s plan, a ruling which was made yesterday.

The media owners however they said they will proceed to the Court of Appeal Tuesday morning in a bid to have the order by High Court judge David Majanja overturned.

They said they have instructed their lawyers to appeal against the High Court decision in the Court of Appeal. They also said they are pursuing other avenues to resolve the issue so that you can continue watching your favourite television station.

We hope to be back on air as soon as possible,” the media owners said.

There has been different views from Kenyans about the process with some arguing about the cost buying the set top boxes and maintain them. The government on the other hand argues that Current broadcasters are faced with high costs of infrastructure development, maintenance and management of their businesses. Consumers on the other hand experience poor reception, poor sound and picture quality and do not have access to a variety of channels. It says that the digital migration will enhance the quality and experience of TV viewers in Kenya. Viewers will receive better quality picture and sound, have access to interactive TV and have more channels to choose from. It will also enable the country better utilize spectrum, which is a scarce resource.

Question is, do you support the digital migration? Has it affected you as the common Kenyan citizen? Share your views


By Nixon Kanali


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