Posted: December 30, 2013 in Politics/Current issues

Interesting to watch Deputy president William Ruto defend the appointment of Francis Muthaura as the new head of the LAPSSET

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Deputy president William Rutos defence of Francis Muthaura as the new head of the LAPSSET project was pathetic . His usage of the swahili saying “pilipili usio ila yakuwashiani ” was not only out of context , it marked him as a person averse to criticism , someone who believes in authoritarianism . Coming only days after the president publicly averred his choices and deeds were above reproach , and judging by the way he praises his boss , it has reached a point where if the president said the sun rises from the south , Ruto will swear it is true .
Leaders should not make a spectacle of themselves in public by using proverbs and sayings they do not fully comprehend . The swahili saying that mr Ruto latched onto is only applicable where purely personal matters are…

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