#NMGGovSummit: We still have a long way to go on devolution. #ChangeTheconversation

Posted: January 20, 2014 in Politics/Current issues

#NMGGovSummit. Picture source, Daily Nation

Today Governors in the country met in Naivasha to discuss the progress they have made in regard to devolution. The summit which was organised by the Nation Media Group and be graced by Rwandan president Paul Kagame will dwell on the following themes: Governance and Leadershi which will include the following topics: Leadership, Making Devolution Work and Positioning your County in the Regional Community.

The summit is being held a midst a lot of challenges facing devolution. To start with, so many Kenyans are still in the dark about devotion. Little education has been given to Kenyans about devolution and this has create so much misunderstanding between the citizens and the county governments.

Devolution was one of the hallmarks of the transition from a previously centralized political system, which was largely blamed for vast inequality, exclusion and deep divisions in the country. This meant that it not only brought services closer to the people but also improve their socio-economic status. However things are completely different, county governments are doing contrary to what Kenyans expected them to do.

Governors have been on record complaining about Inadequate allocation of revenue to the county governments.They have been raising concern that the budgetary allocation to the counties is inadequate for full implementation of devolution. By law, counties are entitled to least 15% of the total National Revenue collected but there is still a feeling that budgetary allocations need to be increased, and that the central government is reluctant to do this, according to the governors.

This has seen most county governments introduces taxes  a move that has not been received well by residents. We have seen people from different counties holding demonstrations protesting about the taxes county governments is imposing on them. How do you then improve people lives by taxing them on everything?

The current fighting that has been going on at the different levels of leadership is also one the biggest challenge facing the process of devolution in the country.  

President Paul Kagame while addressing the Summit urged Kenyans to use devolution process to achieve its national vision. The County Governments should be in the forefront in ensuring we achieve this.

Kenyans are looking forward to reaping the fruits of devolution and are looking up to county governments this is achieved.  We hope at the end of the two day summit, the Governors will have learnt something that will help push the devolution agenda forward.



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