Governors should take notes from Machakos County governor Dr. Alfred Mutua

Posted: January 31, 2014 in Politics/Current issues

Dr. Alfred Mutua, the Machakos County governor is the talk of the town. Yesterday, the governor launched one of the biggest security measures to be seen in Kenya in recent years. He flagged off 120 police patrol cars fitted with high-powered communication radio and CCTV cameras, which will be based in every location within the county.


Dubbed ‘Machakos County Comprehensive Security Programme’, the project is expected to supplement the national government’s efforts in enhancing security through facilitation of numerous security equipment installations to police the county.


Machakos County CCTV cameras to provide 24hrs countywide surveilance.

During the launch, the Governor announced that the security programme will be coordinated through already established call centres in Machakos Town, Athi River, Masii, Kangundo and Masinga, which he said will be operational day and night. He unveiled 40 police sniffer dogs to be distributed to all the 40 wards, gun detectors, Alco-blow kits and police communication equipment


Machakos County Security Officers pose with a special trained dog and the new security cars.

At the same time, Mutua announced that his county government plans to set aside Sh300 million for police housing in the next financial year. He also revealed that plans are at an advanced stage to establish a forensic lab, the first of its kind in East Africa region.

What he is doing for Machakos County is so admirable and some governors need to borrow lessons from him. While other are busy getting big vehicles for their counties and mismanaging funds, their counterpart in Machakos is ensuring Machakos residents enjoy the fruits of devolution.

Well, this is why the governor has now become the talk of the town?. You should visit his facebook page and see what he has done for Machakos County.




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