Should the #Waki envelope be opened?

Posted: February 11, 2014 in Politics/Current issues

Mr Justice Philip Waki presents the report on post-election violence to former UN Secretary-General Koffi Anan. Source: Standard Digital

Two days ago Members of parliament allied to the Jubilee Alliance said they are planning to use their numerical strength in the august house to pursue persons they allege were behind the prosecution of President Uhuru Kenyatta and his deputy William Ruto at the International Criminal Court (ICC)

This follows remarks by former ICC chief prosecutor Luis Moreno Ocampo on reported diplomatic pressure over the Hague indictments. Majority leader Aden Duale saId the famous Waki envelope that supposedly contains names of 2007 election violence perpetrators must be opened.

The Mps resolved to push for the crafting and adoption of a motion to set up a select committee to probe the role of foreign embassies and non governmental agencies in the ICC trials facing the president and his deputy.

Question is, should the Waki envelop be opened?

This is the question that has continued to generate mixed responses from Kenyans and other leaders across the country. 

No single person has been prosecuted locally in regard to the PEV. Last week, THE Director of Public Prosecutions Keriako Tobiko  said that more than 4,000 files touching on the 2007-08 post election violence cannot be prosecuted.

The DPP said that of the more than 4,000 cases reviewed by the multi-agency task force were not “prosecutable” whether as ordinary crimes or otherwise.

The question still remains, should the Waki envelop be opened? 

here is what #KOT had to say’

 ‏@MacOtani  Kenyans are weird. What will we do with the full Waki List yet we haven’t prosecuted a single person over 2007 post poll chaos!? #SwalaNyeti

@C_NyaKundiH  Before opening the Waki list open the list of people who are not committed in the fight against corruption and impunity


@FrancisMutegi  #Ocampo has confessed having been under pressure from some diplomatic to stop Uhuruto vying. Jubilee want Waki to reveal envelope


@SokoAnalyst  What if Waki‘s list had Kibaki & Raila and didn’t have Uhuru and Ruto. Then what? The future is bleak for Kenya at this rate.


@Willyomari  We already healed and moved from 2007/2008 chaos. I don’t know why duale want contents of waki report made public. Opening healed wounds


 ‏@SokoAnalyst  Opening the Waki envelope is akin to opening a pandora’s box that we as a country are not ready for what we will see.

 By @NicKanali 




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