There is new magazine in town; Beautiful Africa Magazine (BAM)/AFTV

Posted: February 26, 2014 in Politics/Current issues

Copies of the BAM magazine that are to start being distributed in Kenya


Its new, its fresh and its finally here in Kenya.

Beautiful Africa Magazine is a publication that strives to tell positive African stories. As a subsidiary of African Television, this magazine works alongside the network to promote the potential of Africa’s countires and people and proudly features those that are striving to reach it.

Beautiful Africa Magazine is published monthly and is currently distributed throughout Europe and Africa. Grab a copy and catch up on the amazing things that Africans are doing around the world.


Nixon Kanali with a copy of the Beautiful Africa Magazine

 If you are an organisation that loves Africa and would wish to advertise with us don’t hesitate to contact us.For our rates, yu can contact this email

You can also read BAM here and watch AFTV



+254 727 503 198


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