#SaveBabyOsinya: AMREF evacuates him to KNH

Posted: March 25, 2014 in Politics/Current issues

The Sunday gun attack in a church in Likoni left one a year old child  Cetrine Osinya in a very disturbing state. Osinya has a bullet lodged in his head and is currently awaiting surgery to remove the bullet that has been lodged in his brain more than 48 hours after he was shot. He was shot in the head when attackers raided the church , killing his mother among other Sunday worshippers. 



Baby Satrin Osinya, with bloodied top, holds onto his teary brother Moses Gift at Coast General Hospital, Mombasa. Source:Google

Kenyans on Twitter (KOT) have now turned to the government to help save the babe with the hashtag .

Baby Osinya to will be flown to Nairobi by AMREF this morning after Neurosurgeon checked the CT scans and declared he was safe to fly. Kenyans have been so moved by the baby’s condition and turned to twitter to call for action.

Here is what #KOT they had to say

 no other business: today Lets pray for Baby Osinya
 Tears dropped from my eyes just hearing him mention the name “mama” unaware that mama is gone for good
 38mIf the Health CS is not aware of govt’s free medical offering to , who is behind it? State House PR machinery?

seeing is believing. Thanks for your prayers and love for

 10h Government says they will pay medical bill,here is another case Blind,sick,hungry, abandoned
 10h Just called they r ready 2 fly 2 any hospital,meanwhile Osinya has been transferred 2 a private hospital.
: Please let us help this Kid get the terror bullet out of the Brain please...
 2m Baby Osinya has to go through a delicate procedure to remove bullet lodged in his head following the Sunday gun attack.
 3m Dear lord hear our prayers and . The sound of him calling for ‘mama’ broke my heart.


Join the conversation and pray for this innocent soul that is not even aware what is happening..#SaveBabyOsinya..God loves him so God 
By Nixon Kanali



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