Saba Saba: is it the right platform for Cord to call for a national dialogue?

Posted: July 2, 2014 in Politics/Current issues

Members of Parliament from both the government have now formed a group that they say will spearhead national dialogue in the wake of the political stand-off between Jubilee and Cord.

The 115 members of parliament from Cord and Jubilee will hold their first meeting today and expected to form a steering committee with a chairman to spearhead the talks.

This group they say will function along lines of the inter-party parliamentary Group which negotiated important constitutional reforms before the 1997 general elections.

Even as the Mps were forming this Inter-party parliamentary Caucus, Cord leaders continue to push for their calls for a national dialogue. Some diplomats have also stepped in with just five days to the Saba Saba day the opposition leader Raila Odinga has called to press for the National Dialogue. Odinga is blaming the government for failing to on security, alleged corruption, the cost of living and also for the disbandment of the Electoral Commission.

President Kenyatta and the government on the other hand have insisted that they were not going to sit down and dialogue with the opposition. Kenyatta says dialogue should only be held through the people’s representatives in parliament.

What does this mean? Will the Inter-party parliamentary Caucus help solve the stand-off between Cord and the government? Raila Odinga has insisted that the Saba Saba rally will still go on. What should Kenyans expect during this day?

Raila called on all Kenyans to stay away from work on this day, July 7th, he declared the day ‘’a public holiday’’ saying the rally would mark the beginning of a big change in Kenya. Yesterday, he went further to say that the rally was going to be very peaceful. The Deputy President has also assured Kenyans that their will be tight security on that particular day.

Question is, will you be attending the Saba Saba rally? Do you think that is the right platform for Cord to call for a national dialogue?





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