#Pandaguo attack; It’s time for heads to roll

Posted: July 11, 2014 in Politics/Current issues

Yet again, we have woken up to news of Gunmen raiding Pandanguo village in Lamu County torching houses, schools and robbing Kenya Police Reservists of six guns.

One of the houses torched during the Mpeketoni attacks last month

One of the houses torched during the Mpeketoni attacks last month

The attackers who are estimated to have been about 60 are said to have vandalizes a loacal dispensary and went further to steal medicine.

In the past one month, more than 80 people have been killed and hundreds displaced in Lamu area due to such attacks. In Mpeketoni for example more that 50 people were killed after armed people attacked the village, killing people and torching houses.

What followed next was a blame game between the government and the opposition with each blaming each other for the attacks. This begs the question, where have we gone wrong? why is our country under so much threat? why is Lamu and its environs becoming such and easy target to attack?

The frequency at which these attacks are being executed is just worrying. After the first or second attack, the government should have done more in ensuring the coastal areas become secure, but it seems like nothing much is being done.

After the Lamu and Tana attacks, Deputy President William Ruto’s gave Security bosses a 48 hours ultimatum to arrest the the attackers, “dead or alive”, or quit their jobs. 

Ruto went further to say hat the government will take an elaborate action to ensure the criminals who perpetrated violence in Mpeketoni, Poromoko , Witu and Hindi attacks are brought to book. Close to a month now and the same kind of attacks are being carried out in Pandaguo, an area which is just close to Witu. What does this mean?

It is high time heads should roll and the security machinery given a fresh new overhaul. What is president Uhuru kenyatta waiting for before carrying out a overhaul of the top echelons of our security and intelligence services? 

A friend told me after the Mpeketoni attacks that the security system in this country is a hopelessly incompetent network of bribe-collecting machine that long forgot its core duty. That is why terrorists, Al Shabaab or otherwise, can come into the country, show more organisation than our police and systematically massacre Kenyans then leave at their leisure. Something which i totally agreed with him.

So Mr. President, before we hear of another attack can you please do something.





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