New spy chief holds the key to our country’s security

Posted: September 11, 2014 in Politics/Current issues
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Parliament finally approved the appointment of Major-General Philip Wachira Kameru as the new Director General of the National Intelligence Service (NIS).

Major General Kameru had been nominated by President Uhuru Kenyatta to take over from Michael Gichangi who resigned last month. His approval now means he will be in charge of the country’s intelligence service which has always been blamed for the major attacks the country has been experiencing in recent times. Kameru is now awaiting official appointment by the president and what does this mean for him and the country? With more that fifteen years experience in the intelligence and military, he could just be the best man for the job, but this is what Kenyans are waiting to see. He must understand he has a huge task ahead of him.

For the longest time now, our country’s intelligence has always been politicized. This has contributed greatly to Kenya being open to threats and attacks and the consequences have always been dire.

Under Michael Gichangi’s reign at the National Intelligence Service, Kenya has received the worst terror attacks, interclass fights either from Alshabaab or other organized groups. These terrorist or attackers continued to have a field day in the country even with the intelligence in place. Most of these attacks have always caught the National Intelligence Service on the back foot, why? The NIS boss has been sleeping on the job and his performance has always come into question.

Even when foreign intelligence agencies warn of imminent attacks, NIS has always failed to rise into occasion. The red flag raised by these foreign agencies have always fallen on deaf ears. The new chief spy therefore has a lot to do. He needs to work so close with the foreign agencies to ensure any intelligence information shared is given the attention it deserves. This will help reduce Kenya’s vulnerability to frequent attacks.

General Kameru should understand that he now holds the key to our country’s security. Past mistakes from our intelligence should form a basis for him to revamp and bring some changes to our intelligence system.

Politicians too should let him do his work. Kenyans will be waiting to see if he is the right man for the job. How he will be able to transform our intelligence to a better agency as he takes over is what we are waiting to see.



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