Uhuru should ignore all those noisemakers and attend ICC Summons

Posted: September 23, 2014 in Politics/Current issues
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Last week, The International Criminal Court  ordered President Uhuru Kenyatta to physically appear before it on October 8. Since then, there has been so much debate across the political divide over whether he should honour the summons or not.

While some quarters argue that he should attend the summons, some are of the opinion he should not. Their basic argument is that that requiring personal attendance is meant to embarrass the President;that Kenya is a sovereign State and should not have its president stand before an international court.

Well, all said and done, the question still remains, should the president attend the summons or not?

President Kenyatta is the first sitting Head of State to be required to appear before the ICC. If he chooses not to go, what will be the consequences? and what if he attends them?

But again, President Kenyatta can ask judges to excuse him from travelling to The Hague, the International Criminal Court said on Monday.

According to  a statement from the Court’s Public Affairs Unit “If the accused wishes to attend via video-link, he could make a request to the Chamber, which the Chamber would then rule on,” might sound as a reprieve to the president.

Let us face something here, ever since the the ICC issued the statement about summoning the president, Jubilee coalition politicians, some activists and been running up and down making statements against the President’s appearance. Jubilee MPs even went ahead to hold a meeting to deliberate on whether President Kenyatta should travel to The Hague or not.

President Kenyatta himself is on record saying he is ready to cooperate with the court despite holding high office.

Macharia Gaitho posted an interesting opinion in the Daily Nation on Monday. Here is the excert :

If they started defying the court at this late stage when both the cases against them seem in danger of collapse, it would only be to their own detriment.

Any arrest warrants issued will not be against Mr Duale, Prof Kindiki, President Kenyatta’s MP Moses Kuria, official State blogger Dennis Itumbi or Ugandan activist David Matsanga.

Nor will any warrants be issued against the collective African Union leadership that has banded together in solidarity with a colleague facing the kind of charges they all live in dread of.

President Kenyatta must do the wise thing and ignore all those noisemakers who pretend they are fighting in his corner, but who would actually be driving him down the path of self-destruction.

If those cases were doomed from the start, they must be allowed to wind up to the logical conclusions.

Well, as he concluded, Perhaps the status conference on the Kenyatta case might  present just such an opportunity if it leads to the conclusion that the case is dead before it starts.



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