Should the Makueni County Government be dissolved?

Posted: September 26, 2014 in Politics/Current issues
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County chief of staff Douglas Mbilo is led away after a bullet grazed his head. PHOTO (Nation Media Group)

County chief of staff Douglas Mbilo is led away after a bullet grazed his head. PHOTO (Nation Media Group)

Last week, there was so much drama in Makueni  where Five people were shot and seriously injured in a gunfight at the Makueni County Assembly. The county Assembly leaders had gathered at the grounds of the assembly, apparently for prayers, before proceeding to a public rally at which the governor Kivutha Kibwana was to be criticized allegedly for condoning graft.

The drama was blamed on leadership wrangles at the county level. What happened was sheer barbarism and hooliganism which should not happen in any other county in the country.

Things seem to getting out of hand and and The Council of Governors has stepped in. It now says  it will recommend the dissolution of Makueni County govt if arbitration fails to unite the county’s leadership.

Bomet Governor Isaac Ruto, the chairman of the council, says that governors would meet on Monday to deliberate on the matter. If agreed on this will mean Makueni people will have to go to the polls and elect an new set of leaders.

Under Article 192 of the Constitution the President is allowed to suspend a county government in an emergency arising out of internal conflict or war. The suspension shall not extend beyond a period of ninety days and on the expiry of the period, elections for the relevant county government shall be held.

Governors want to use this to petition the President to suspend the Makueni County government.

Well, is this the right move? do you support the dissolution of Makueni or any other county government simply because the leaders don’t agree?

Makueni’s governot Kivutha Kibwana already thinks the county government should be dissolved as nothing seems to be working.



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