Ruto to take over Presidency during Uhuru Hague trip. #UhuruAddress #StateOfTheNation

Posted: October 6, 2014 in Politics/Current issues
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As the date between President Uhuru Kenyatta and the International Criminal Court nears, the president has today the most anticipated State of The Nation adress.

As expected, the focus was mosty on ICC and he has confirmed that he indeed will be attending the Status conference at the Hague. He said is going to the Hague as Uhuru Kenyatta the person and not as the President of Kenya.

”I have chosen not to put the sovereignty of this nation on trial” he said

The president said  he has not interfered with the ICC prosecutor’s investigations; ”my govt has cooperated fully” . This is of course contrary to the ICC prosecution which has always accused the Kenyan government of failing to corperate.

In regard to the accusations  made against him, the president said his conscience  is clear, has been clear and will remain clear that he innocent of all accusations labelled against him. The president is being accused of

The Deputy President William Ruto will now be working as Acting President for the duration the President  will be away attending his. An announcement the the President made during the same State of the Nation Adress.  According to Uhuru Kenyatta, decision to hand power to his deputy is meant to ensure that the sovereignty and democratic will of Kenyans will not be subjected to a foreign jurisdiction.

Meanwhile From the ‪‎ICC‬ regarind DP Ruto and radio journalist Joshua Sangs’ case, the Appeals Chamber is set to decide on the appeal against Trial Chamber decision summonsing witnesses to appear.


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