CORD Lists down its demands after the IEBC Corruption scandal expose

Posted: November 18, 2014 in Politics/Current issues
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After the Very damaging expose came out of a London court on how top IEBC official pocketed Sh50 Million in corrupt deals with Smith & Ouzman, the company that was contracted to supply election materials ahead of 2013 General elections, The opposition, was quick to respond and in a press statement that took place today afternoon, it has put a list of demands.

The opposition, led by Raila Odinga while issuing a statement on the IEBC corruption scandal (Source:Facebook)

The opposition, led by Raila Odinga while issuing a statement on the IEBC corruption scandal (Source:Facebook)

The opposition, led by former Prime Minister Raila Odinga sais The integrity of the people who ran that process and the integrity of the Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission and the many other public institutions to which some of the former election officers have been deployed is in serious question.

”The case in London by the Serious Fraud Office puts our prosecution and our Ethics and Anti- Corruption Commission to serious shame and credibility questions” It said.

CORD bleives that Smith & Ouzman, apart from giving bribes to the Kenya election officials, also printed additional ballot papers for Jubilee which were used to rig the 2013 Presidential elections. Also it is alleging that Gladys Shollei, who was fired as the Registrar of the Judiciary amidst similar corruption allegation, presided over the scrutiny of the IEBC tallying of the ballot on behalf of the Supreme Court in the 2013 election petition. Before joining the Judiciary, she was an official at IEBC and is implicated in the corruption at IEBC.

During the tallying scrutiny at the Supreme Court, CORD says Jubilee was represented by Mr Davis Chirchir (Mr. Chirchir is the current Energy Cabinet secretary in government) who was also a former colleague of Gladys Shollei at IEBC and is similarly implicated in this scandal.

According to CORD, Some former members of IEBC have gone ahead to be appointed to critical public positions like Cabinet Secretary for Energy, held by Mr Davis Chirchir. This same Chairman of IEBC, according to seeing nothing wrong with his conduct, is equally insisting on staying to manage our future elections. It should be noted that CORD has been calling for the sacking and disbandment of this commission.

”We maintain that we cannot let the past and its ghosts rest. We reject the doctrine of “accept and move on” while our nation suffers” 

CORD has now put the following demands
1. The immediate resignation of all the officers and former officers mentioned in this scandal, their immediate arrest and their immediate prosecution. The acountability must begin at the top with the arrest and prosecution of Mr Chirchir and Mr Hassan.
2. We demand the investigation and audit of all the commissioners and principal officers of the Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission. Such investigation must also be extended to the all those who worked with this commission but who have since been deployed elsewhere or sacked.
3. We demand answers on what the government knows and when they knew it. We refuse to be party to the conspiracy of silence. What is being adduced in court in London point to a serous, baffling and shameful integrity and credibility gap on the part of these present and former officers and an indictment of the Jubilee regime. It cannot be that Jubilee does not know what these officers did. We have an intelligence service that is required to do background checks on people before they are appointed to key public positions like that of Cabinet Secretary.
4. We demand that the EACC show cause why it cannot be disbanded, and investigations opened into its officers. This development puts to great shame our prosecutors, particularly the Director of Public Prosecutions and the anti-corruption agency officials who have yet to nail anyone for these offences.
5. We demand the immediate arrest of Mr Trevy James Oyombra who is reported to have been the Kenyan making hefty payouts to Kenyan officials to influence the award of printing contracts to the UK firm. He must be sought and held to account.
6. We demand that the Kenya Commercial Bank, to which money was transferred for Mr Oyombra for onward distribution, must help the investigations and disclose how much was transferred to the officials implicated.

”This scandal kills completely the credibility and global standing of our nation” it said . And it still insists that as the opposition, they have reason to believe that this international corruption network remains intact in government.

”It is wreacking more havoc on our economy, compromising provision of public services while at the same time raising the cost of those same services, shoddily rendered.” it added

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