Posted: November 24, 2014 in GUEST CONTRIBUTORS
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Security forces near victims killed in the Mandera Bus attack in which 28 people were killed

Security forces near victims killed in the Mandera Bus attack in which 28 people were killed

One is left literally speechless with the horrific killings of 28 people in Mandera on Saturday. Graphic tales by those who were spared are blood curdling and heart wrenching. The less  said of the photos of the bodies of the killed circulated with abandon in social sites the better. Meanwhile, news from Marsabit aren’t any better.
What’s worrying the more is what is appearing as the lack of the much needed attention by the President and his deputy. Granted, Cabinet Secretary Ole Lenku was (at least) giving his tired lines on it but that with deaths of such magnitude and manner, a higher authority was a necessity.

After the gory killings, they should have dropped everything else to mourn with other Kenyans and give the much needed impetus to the manhunt for the killers. Tweeting condolences and seemingly impotent threats to terrorits, while attending functions like fundraisers, isn’t enough. I can bet  that one again no head will roll. One only hope that the establishment isn’t sinking to being immune to such deadly attacks on our country.

Goofs didn’t end there.It was a new low for the Security apparatures when it was reported that they delayed going to the site of attack for fear of attacks. Are our security personell and weaponry that hollow? Then whats all these pretence of the same officers in “hot pursuit of the criminals who escaped by foot?”



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