What you need to know about the Security Laws Amendment Bill 2014

Posted: December 11, 2014 in Politics/Current issues

The recent cases of insecurity in the country might have been a wake up call for the government. This could just be the reason why the government want to come up with some laws that have been stipulated in Security Laws Amendment Bill 2014.


The bill which has created so much debate among Kenyans and even some international bodies proposes amendments to 22 security laws.

If passed, will now be an offense to publish “obscene, gory or offensive material likely to cause fear and alarm to the general public”. Offenders will be jailed for a maximum of three years or fined up to Sh5 million or both.

Also, publishing or broadcasting images of victims of terror attacks without the consent of the police or the victim will be a crime and offenders will be jailed for a maximum of three years or fined up to Sh5 million or both.

The goverment also wants to listen to your conversations as the bill also intends to allow security agencies to have powers to intercept communication without warrant for intelligence in order to detect and prevent terrorism related offences.

Well, this are just some of the provisions of the bill that are creating controversy among Kenyans and even the media.

What do you think, should parliament pass this bill? if passed and the president signs it into law, will we finally be have achieved our goal as a country in fighting terrorism and insecurity?

Download the bill here: THE-SECURITY-LAWS-AMENDMENT-BILL-2014

  1. I want to be safe, let me not pretend that I usually have such top secret conversations on phone, hence sijali who listens in….sometimes the media crosses the line with pictures and allegations they publish….regardless of who is president, I think this is the way to go…..but they need to also tackle corruption ile iko kwa hii nchi yetu on top of all this.

  2. Nixon Kanali says:

    But on the other hand Waajiku, don’t you think some of the proposals in the bill curtail our constitutional rights and freedoms?

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