Statement from the Chinese ” #RacistRestaurant ”.

Posted: March 25, 2015 in Politics/Current issues
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The Chinese Restaurant in Nairobi which has been closed by county authorities (Source: Daily Nation)

The Chinese Restaurant in Nairobi which has been closed by county authorities (Source: Daily Nation)

It is still the number one topic on every Kenyan lips now. The Chinese restaurant that is being accused of not allowing Africans past 5pm.

The Nairobi county government has now closed the Chinese restaurant with investigations on how the restaurant operated without the three crucial documents for three years currently underway.
The restaurant has come out strongly, defending its decisions and even apologizing. Below is the statement, read it and share your thoughts:
”Our restaurant has been operating in Kenya legally for many years. We have been receiving and treating all customers equally. We have never discriminated anyone or treat anyone differently, and in future we shall never do this too. Since the opening of the restaurant, the dishes and services we have provided are very much appreciated by the local people. Many local customers come and dine at our restaurant. We have also employed local chefs to make local food. Recently, because of concerns of the business environment at night, we adopted certain measures. Unfortunately, some of the measures were inappropriate, which had led to misunderstandings and caused inconvenience to a small number of customers. We deeply apologize for this. Later on, we shall take more advice and modestly accept suggestions from all the customers, and continue to try our best to provide excellent service to all our respected customers.”
Share your thoughts.
  1. hozey says:

    poor show from such investors

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