The Genesis of Ruto-Kuttuny political rivalry

Posted: April 28, 2015 in Politics
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By Nicholas Cheruiyot, Bomet


President Uhuru Kenyatta political advisor Joshua Kuttuny: Source: Daily Nation

That Deputy President William Ruto has earned himself strong political nemeses in his backyard of Rift Valley is not in doubt. Leading the onslaught against him is Bomet Governor Isack Ruto. Governor Ruto has been at loggerheads with the Dp over what has come out clearly as turf wars with the former flexing muscles to cut himself a niche in South Rift which is slightly populous than North Rift where the Dp comes from.

Another challenger to the Dp is Baringo Senator Gedion Moi. It isn’t hard to know where the Ruto-Moi political comes from: The senior Moi has never forgiven Ruto for taking the political mantle from him in the region and lately in the national stage. Junior Moi is being used by his father as a proxy to put hurdles on the Dp’s political path.

As if the war being waged by the duo against the Dp isn’t enough, the Dp surprised both friend and foe recently when he went public about apparent hard knocks he has suffered from President Uhuru Kenyatta’s political advisor Joshua Kuttuny The Dp sensationally claimed that Kuttuny is part of a grouping of politicians praying that ICC incarcerate him so that they reap politically. The Dp went further to equate the President’s advisor to a witch!

Many were taken aback for two reasons by Ruto’s Emotionally-laced sentiments touching on Kuttuny. First, the two have been bosom friends since Kuttuny joined politics in 2007. Secondly, Kuttuny works directly under Uhuru and many wondered how Ruto can only afford to play victim instead of asking Uhuru to show him the door. Why is Uhuru keeping Ruto’s attackers under him.

Those in the know say that there is more than what meets the eye on the duo’s duels.

A senior journalist from Rift Valley working for the State Broadcaster who sought anonymity says that Kuttuny is being used by a powerful clique of conservative Mt. Kenya Mafia who are against possible ascendancy to State House of Dp Ruto after Uhuru regime, in what could be a replay of 70s where a similar grouping burnt mid night oil in a bid to stop Daniel Moi from being automatic heir to the then sickly Jomo Kenyatta. To the journalist, Kuttuny, is being fronted as one way of cutting Ruto to size right from his backyard.

Eric Sitonik, a Urp official in charge of communication, says he also suspects that Kuttuny that some Central Kenya politicians may be pulling strings on Kuttuny to fight Ruto. To him, its clear that Kuttuny is keen on setting up another centre of political power in Rift Valley to run in parallel to that of Dp. He suggests that Kuttuny be sent into inflation so that tranquillity prevails in Jubilee family .

Carren Kiki Kimkung, a political activist from Trans Nzoia County, says the two’s fight is as old as the Jubilee government and is born of apparent betrayal of Kuttuny. She says that after loosing his Cherangany parliamentary seat, Kuttuny unsuccessfully lobbied Ruto to reward him with a Cabinet Secretary post and became bitter when he lost what could have been his soft landing.

During the run-up to the last General Election, Kuttuny used to joke in campaign rallies that Uhuru will find a Kiti Moto for him at State House. And true to his wishes, Uhuru appointed him as an advisor based in the revered Harambee House.
To a number of Cherangany constituents , Kuttuny felt that William Ruto never campaigned hard for him in the constituency yet he( Kuttuny) transversed the country vouching for UhuRuto.

Currently, it is said that Dp Ruto prefers one Mark Limo to take over Charangany seat widening the wedge between Kuttuny and the Dp. Limo is said to be a business associate of Dp Ruto and has deep pockets.

There is no sight to the end to the rivalry because whereas the Dp is a well established juggernaut, Kuttuny is no push over in political arena. He has a gift of garb with ability to effortlessly use street slang to impress the youth as well as perfect Kiswahili to woo a general audience. He is also unmatched in the use of flowing Kalenjin language punctuated with matching wise sayings and idioms of the community.

Those who were with Kuttuny in Moi University before he cleared in 2005 talks of a rabble rouser who liked playing ethnic politics. Joash Mutai an alumni of Moi University says Kuttuny was the de facto leader of Mosop, an association that aimed at uniting Kalenjin students studying in the university. “The association was at its peak during Kuttuny’s time only to crumble when he exited campus proving that he was the driving force,” Mutai claims.



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