Full Statement: Irene Keino resigns as EACC Commissioner

Posted: April 30, 2015 in Politics/Current issues
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Irene Keino has resigned as a commissioner of the Ethics-Anti corruption Commission (EACC).In a letter to the president, the EACC deputy chair says her decision is informed by the need to protect her family from the pain of a Judicial process.

His resignation comes on the day formed to investigate her and her chair Mumo Matemu was being sworn in. This move effectively blocks the tribunal sworn in from investigating her.

Last week the EACC chairman Mumo Matemu and his deputy Irene Keino were suspended after parliament adopted a report by the Justice and Legal Affairs Committee that recommended that the two be removed from office.

Here is her full statement:

”In the words of my mentor Eleanor Roosevelt the distinguished first Lady and wife to the 32nd President of the United States…. “A woman is like a tea bag; you never know how strong it is until it’s in hot water.” The commission and I have found ourselves in the proverbial hot water that has characterized the war on corruption in the past. Although, I have enjoyed the privilege and honour of serving the Ethics Anti-Corruption Commission, the Government and People of Kenya, this is no longer tenable. For the avoidance of doubt, Public Service should always compliment and support the public interest. So even if, certain events causes one personal pain and anguish, the cardinal principle of the greater good should prevail. Given that the National Assembly and His Excellency, the President have inquired into my suitability and integrity through the formation of a tribunal, I feel that to continue serving on the board and holding this office is not useful without the full confidence of all stakeholders. Therefore, I wish to confirm today, that I have resigned with immediate effect from the EACC. I have done so in order to spare my family the anguish of a judicial process that will cause them unimaginable pain and also to lend my support in the fight against corruption. Although, I would have been pleased to step aside for a full public inquiry into any of the allegations made against me, I opt to resign because, Kenya can never win the war against corruption without personal sacrifice. My conscience is clear and I am not bitter. I wish the President well in the difficult task ahead of him and the country.”

Ms. Irene Keino, MBS



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