Government could have handled MAU evictions better.

Posted: May 4, 2015 in Politics/Current issues
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Granted, environmental care must be any government’s priority but the manner and timing of the renewed eviction of squatters in parts of Mau Narok leaves alot to be desired. The government has chosen to forcefully evict them at a time when heavy rains are pounding the region so hard to an extent that , unfortunately , flash floods were witnessed in Narok town on Tuesday. Attendant to the rains is obvious biting cold. Is the timing meant to ensure that the squatters are hit severely?

Video footages of fire ravaging huts and billowing smoke as the squatters are  driven away doesn’t at all auger with the Jubilee Coalition’s top brass much hyped “humane eviction and resettlement of squatters” which was a refrain from them during campaigns. Didn’t Deputy President William Ruto made a name for himself by speaking vehemently against the earlier one led by former. Premier Raila ? I remember Dp Ruto flied from a Cabinet meeting in Mombasa to tents of evictees of Mau and even shed a tear there after the Raila-led forest reclamation initiative. What has changed?

It can be argued that the evictees have been adamant about earlier quit notices but that in no way justify throwing people, especially innocent children and the aged, into the dangerous cold.

Nicholas Cheruiyot, Bomet.


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